Our work on the Freetown-Port Rico Historic District continues and has grown into a book project with the working title: From Slavery to FreeTown: The Making and Reading of Place, and will include an edited, cross-disciplinary collection of academic papers mixed with a range of local community and family histories, genealogies, built landscapes, and events to provide material and perspectives. The intention is to make this project a kind of collage to capture the diverse nature of the neighborhoods.
We are looking for input from the community - both present day residents and those who have historic connection to the neighborhoods of Freetown, Port Rico, and Crapaudville. 
Histories of the residents of these neighborhoods reach back into the stories of native tribes, emancipated slaves that were freed either Pre- or Post- Civil War, Jewish immigrants, immigrants from western and eastern Europe and the Levant, French Acadian descendants, as well as other minorities. We are looking for 'community scholars', story holders, genealogies, and other documents that tie into the districts' early days and contemporary happenings.
 If you would like to share something, please let us know by filling out the form below.
Corey Saft            337-849-5422               corey.saft@louisiana.edu
Ray Brassieur      337-572-8062               brassieur@louisiana.edu
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